The YunBoa chronicles
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The YunBoa chronicles

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful relationship between BoA and Yunho . Run by eyes2blues and sayaneechan

Fans of both TVXQ and BoA both know how close the two are, from being with SM Entertainment and debuting on the stage with BoA. The two have the most adorable and cutest photos together as friends! Check our our feature titled, "Lifelong Friendships: 8 Adorable Photos Of TVXQ Yunho And BoA"


Kwon BoA 14th year Anniversary 08.25.2014



The Venn Diagram by #theangstcircle (read at LJ or AFF)

Excerpt from the fic:

“Hey… wanna run away together?” And though his voice sounds playful, she can see the urgent look in his eyes. Now that they’ve been found out, it was only a matter of time before everything around them spun out of control. Neither of them wanted to be around for that. No matter how brave they were when they started this together.

The moment she feels his arms encircling around, keeping her tight in his strong embrace, she knows this is the only possible solution. His lips press into her hair and she inhales with him, closing her eyes as his strength seeped into her bones. “It’s you and me. We’ll make it out here, I promise,” he says, squeezing her hand and all she can do is nod and settle deeper into his chest.

2014/11/5 NEW SINGLE「Time Works Wonders」リリース決定!!

SOOOOOOOOOO… Tohoshinki’s new single will be released on BoA’s birthdayyyyy………. JUST SAYING :3

Thanks  for the tip :3



when something good happens to your otp


when something gReAT happens to your otp


"Without a doubt, it’s summer! Even though at times he may also look lonely or pitiful (laughs), he’s basically a very energetic and passionate person. More passionate than an ordinary person. His passion suits the summer atmosphere a lot. Yunho is most suited to summer out of all the guys I know." (Changmin about Yunho)

BoA and Yunho bowing to each other. HAHA! Thanks mingying (kimmy) for the video tag :3

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