The YunBoa chronicles
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The YunBoa chronicles

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful relationship between BoA and Yunho . Run by eyes2blues and sayaneechan

120818 | boa & yunho at sm town live ‘12 in seoul
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Short fanfic:

Siwon and Tiffany couldn’t help but stare at the two power sunbae in front of them. The two world stars might be unaware of it, but Yunho and BoA have always been a great topic of interest among the artists in SME.

Siwon noticed the young lady beside him sneaking glances at the couple in front of them. He leaned sideways and in a low voice, whispered, “Don’t tell them, but we have been secretly trying to get those two together.” There was a sort of satisfaction painted on Siwon’s face, knowing that he was the bearer of a good news. Eventually, his dimple started to deepen, unable to help himself smile with the thought.

"OMG oppa, you do?!" Tiffany squeaked with suppressed excitement, her eyes twinkling with delight. Her smile broaden to match Siwon and anyone could just tell how excited she must have felt about this project.

"Because those two are too slow, we gotta make magic," he continued enthusiastically while nodding his head. It was obvious that Yunho and BoA likes each other but for whatever reason, nobody can’t seem to cross that line of friendship. It was so painful to watch them act so distant when everybody knew the real deal between them. It was because of this that in a way, it pushed Siwon to speed things up a bit. (That, and out of frustration as well.) 

He’s a great friend after all. 

They’ll thank me one day for this. He thought, pleased with himself.

"Yah! You guys keep on whispering with each other," BoA scolded playfully, turning her head to give the two a warning look. "And Siwon, please stop bothering Tiffany! Concentrate with the interview, will you!" she hissed some more, with a frown, before turning her attention back to the interview.

Tiffany could only smile nervously at her idol, hoping she didn’t hear anything more than their hushed voices, else they’ll be in deep trouble after the conference.

Siwon, on the other hand, just narrowed his eyes on BoA. Scold me all you want but later, you’re dead. He had to smile internally, as his brain tried to work, stringing ideas together for his master plan.

And as all of this was happening, Yunho was of course, still left looking so oblivious as ever.


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